Civil Unions

The Civil Union Law of the Republic of Cyprus, adopted in 2015, legalized the union of two individuals regardless of their gender. In other words, a civil union allows same-sex and opposite-sex couples to register their relationship.

This type of relationship registration has become increasingly popular among Cypriot and foreign couples arriving in Cyprus, willing to enter into a civil union. Also, a civil union can be a suitable solution for registering a relationship for foreign investors who are in a unregistered marriage, and who want to register their significant other as a family member upon filing an application for citizenship.

Under the Law, a civil union confers the same rights and has the same force and effect as a marriage, except for adoption. Also, unlike marriage, the procedure for dissolution of civil union in the event of a mutual consent of partners is more simpler.

We can provide the necessary advises on all issues related to the entering into a civil union. All advisory services are strictly confidential. In addition, we can assist you with all the necessary administrative procedures to enter into a civil union.

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